2020 | Hoe systemen werken


Paula heeft dit in het engels geschreven. Ik heb dit zo gelaten om haar boodschap puur te houden. Het is geschreven vanuit haar hart.

Starting years ago, the number 42 kept popping up in my head. It felt that it had something to do with me being 42 and (a) big life changing event(s). At that time I worried 42 would be the age I would die. (I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 31.) At this point in time, it still feels 42 is connected to a form of dying, but moreover the type of dying to start a new life. 


Parallel tot this, I have been thinking a lot about the things that are happening in the world that seem to be cumulating in this year 2020. Systems all over the world are being stirred and are under pressure, also the world in itself. We all know what I am talking about. It’s literally in our face and everyone and everything is affected in one way or another. 


I have been trying to get a grip of the concept ‘system’ in my mind. It presented itself to me that all systems work in the same way. Big or small and on all levels: nature as a whole, people, human health, companies, societies, countries, the world, even the Universe(s). When a system is not in balance, it will try to get back into its equilibrium. If that need is not met, the system collapses. 


This means to me that every part of the system has value and needs to be seen and recognized for having that value. If that need is not met, that part will act on getting recognized. Imbalance is a call for recognition. It needs to be accepted. For what it is. 


It makes me humble and inspired at the same time. It makes for example, that I can view me having cancer from another perspective. I can look at my cancer cells with curiosity and without fear. They have value and are there to be seen. What are they here to tell me? What is there for to me to be acknowledged? What is there for me to be accepted? What can I work on? 


The past 10 years, I have been asking these questions over and over again. Every time I did, it gave me new insights and offered me a great sense of empowerment.


Looking from this perspective: all is well. The chaos has a purpose. It’s there for a reason. We need to listen to it. Allow it to speak to us. Act on it: with compassion and with tons of love.


I wish this for you, for the world, for all.

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Paula Boshouwers is de oprichtster van House of Ichō
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